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Suite 11
Mobbs Miller House
Ardington Road

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A marketing and public relations agency based in Northamptonshire, we're a highly experienced team of commercially minded, real people.

We are passionate about delivering an exceptional service as well as producing a higher standard of creative thinking.

Our can do attitude, practical approach, wealth of knowledge and aptitude to turning projects around fast would make us a valuable extension to your marketing team.

Whether online or in the real world we deliver.

We have many clients based within the local area of Northampton as well as the surrounding counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Warwickshire and Oxfordshire. We do have plenty of clients further a field with national networks up to Lancashire, Herefordshire and London to name but a few!


I started life on the spanners working in an engineering shop in Bolton, toying with large Meccano industrial gearboxes. After an epiphany I sought out the bright lights of a marketing agency in London. I worked with some great people (including the odd great client) on some fantastic campaigns for Sony, Wickes, Argos, Woolworths (RIP), T-Moblie and a host of extraordinary smaller businesses.

KEY WORDS: Kylie. Sorry that's only one, but what a great one.
TIME WASTING: Watching the mighty Saints, ruining a good walk with my golf game, spoiling my daughter and occasionally getting having a pint of the golden nectar that is Carlsberg Export.
CLAIM TO FAME: Age 5 pictured on a battle ship that then featured on the front cover of a national Thai Newspaper. I really invented Windows 7 (who cares?).
FEARS: Snakes. Simple. Why would anybody create a snake?


I have worked on a cross section of accounts including those in the financial services, retail, insurance and not for profit sectors. My experience in direct marketing is underpinned by gaining my diploma from the Institute of Direct Marketing (IDM). I have gained exposure to several marketing channels, which has enabled me to develop a holistic approach to direct marketing.

KEY WORDS: There's an app for that. Tea?
TIME WASTING: Watching reality TV, iphone apps and spending time with family and friends.
CLAIM TO FAME: Appearing on the game show 'Run the Risk' (and of course winning it!).
FEARS: Spiders and hearing people brush their teeth (arghh!!)


Having worked as an agency account manager for the last few years, I have gained valuable experience across a number of different business channels including foodservice, financial services and retail. I enjoy the fast paced life of marketing agencies and working within Rocket has allowed me to experience a wide range of great business clients.  

KEY WORDS: Nice one

TIME WASTINGMy spare time is normally dominated by all things Rugby related. However, when I’m not doing that I am normally out walking the dog.

CLAIM TO FAME: Still waiting for one worthy of telling. 

FEARS: People touching their eyeballs in front of me… I also hate the sound of other people brushing their teeth! 


I started my career in sales and quickly moved into a client services role after finding my niche working with people. Although I have specialised in digital and social media for the last few years I have been lucky enough to work with some well-known brands covering most aspects of marketing and implementing strategies. Although I've worked at some large agencies with teams of over 100+ nothing beats being part of a smaller team who always go above and beyond for every client no matter how small the budgets. I am proud to call Rocket my agency home.

KEY WORDS: What’s for lunch?
TIME WASTING: Counting down to my next holiday in the sun, watching Friends and quoting every line, running in the park or spinning class.
CLAIM TO FAME: Winning a solid gold baked bean, obviously Heinz, and being on the front page of my local paper.
FEARS: People who don’t like Friends!


As a trained journalist I started my career as a news reporter before working as a features writer. I was a deputy editor of glossy, lifestyle magazines for 15 years before working in PR. I enjoy challenges, meeting deadlines and above all writing and being creative so it has been exciting making the successful move to PR. It is great working with the variety of clients at Rocket and no two days are the same.


KEY WORDS: Anyone for tea?  Not a problem Hun. Anyone up for the craic? Absolutely. Cheers.

TIME WASTING: Walking, swimming, enjoying time with my family, reading glossy magazines and trashy TV.

CLAIMS TO FAME: Where do I start? Working as a journalist I have been fortunate to interview/meet many famous faces over the years. But my favourite star struck moment was getting to speak (very briefly) to Simple Minds front man Jim Kerr at a recent gig – fulfilling a childhood dream as they were the first band I ever saw perform live when I was 15!



Having just finished my English degree at Bournemouth University, I’ve now landed at Rocket as an Account Executive! Although having just graduated, I’ve dabbled in several fields such as Publishing, Journalism, Social Media and PR. Rocket just happens to combine all these areas into one. I love sinking my teeth into any copywriting and content creation, and I hope to bring this to my work at Rocket.  

KEY WORDS: Can I use a pun?
TIME WASTING: Mostly eating and thinking about food, drinking tea, catching up with friends as well as enjoying popular culture in all its forms (Music, TV, Films, Reading, Gaming).
CLAIM TO FAME: My previous work in editorial has seen me interview music acts such as The Veronicas, American Authors and Camila Cabello from Fifth Harmony. I’ve also met Kelly Clarkson (who is my absolute fave!!).
FEARS: Snakes – Urghhh vile creatures. They can still wriggle when they’re dead too – WHY?!


I started my working life at Warner Bros. Entertainment in London and had the opportunity to do some really cool things and met some famous faces. I’m now back from University and trying my hand at the crazy way of agency life!


KEY WORDS: Sweet, Sound, Cheers

TIME WASTING: Festivals, watching my teams - both the Saints and Liverpool. Very likely to find me in a pub garden on a sunny afternoon.

CLAIM TO FAME: I did a catwalk at London Fashion Week once… it’s safe to say leather trousers aren’t my look.

FEARS: Heights (ironic seeing as I’m almost 6’4).



Since graduating in Fine Art, I have worked in the events industry for over 12 years, gaining invaluable experience in the automotive sector.

I have been lucky enough to work with several Italian car manufacturers, which has seen me travel the UK delivering a variety of events. These ranged from Dealer events to Trade Shows, Exhibitions to Car Launches.
In my role as Events Manager at Rocket, I am enjoying gaining new events experience in the retail sector and enjoying all the challenges it has to offer.

CLAIM TO FAME: I was once interviewed by Britain's No.1 Women's Magazine "Glamour" about my sex life. My answers were then printed in the April 2008 edition for the whole world to see!
FEARS: Heights and Ice skating (because when you're tall, falling over hurts, A LOT!)








I have worked as a graphic designer for over 10 years within a wide range of sectors. Gaining valuable skills and experience in Web design, Corporate ID, TV & Print Advertising, Exhibitions and Brochure Design to name a few. I have worked for some high-end clients such as the Disney Store, Universal Music, Penguin Publishing and Crown Paints. I try to push the boundaries whilst still sticking to the brief and staying commercial and contemporary.


TIME WASTING: All the nerdy things in life
CLAIM TO FAME: I am named after Prince Adam of Grayskull AKA HE-MAN
FEARS: Spiders, Clowns & Nicki Minaj


I’ve now worked for Rocket for the past 4 years, starting off as work experience and Rocket’s Apprentice, working my way up to the Junior Designer position. Whilst being here I’ve developed my skills and creativity utilising software and by working on advertising, corporate ID and web design.  Since finishing my Apprenticeship, I’ve began to study, part-time, for my degree in Graphic Communications.

KEY WORDS: Would anyone like a cup? 
TIME WASTING: Looking at clothes I can't afford, blogging, movies and spending time with friends
CLAIM TO FAME: I met Tom Jones in The National History Museum
FEARS: Spiders and heights


After graduating in Graphic Design, Illustration and New Media degree,
I have built up over 10 years design experience in studio or agency environments. I have worked for various corporate clients such Argos, Tesco, Homebase, Virgin Active and dabbled in the motorcycle industry too.  I have gained a great deal of professional experience, covering
a wide spectrum of creative design challenges from advertising,
brochure design, packaging, exhibitions to illustrating patterns
for motorcycle leathers/clothing.
I began freelancing here at Rocket then I became part of the team!

KEY WORDS: Golden not ginger!
cinema and watching TV when
its not Nick Jr or Cartoonito.
CLAIM TO FAME: I went to
school with Graeme Swann
(England cricketer) and I have
seen James Toseland in his pants
(if you say who?... you know
nothing about motorbike racing!)
FEARS: Small spaces


I am Rocket’s newest Apprentice! I finished two long grueling years of A-levels studying Art, Design Technology and Psychology. I have started my 2-year Apprenticeship with Rocket as a junior Graphic Designer and I am busy working on improving my skills in Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.


KEY WORDS: Is this okay?, Cheers, Thankyou, Sorry

TIME WASTING: Binge watching Game of Thrones, watching films and eating until my eyes explode. 

CLAIM TO FAME: I supposedly met the queen when I was younger, she served my family tea and said I was very handsome.

FEARS: Spiders.