April Fools

Wildly Weird to Fabulously Fantastical: Our April Fool’s Highlights

April Fool’s comes around every year and every time we fall for it! From Pot Noodle Pizza to Giant Sandwich crisps – we’re picking out our favourite April Fool’s pranks. Even we have to admit, we were a little bit disappointed that some of these were in fact not real (but we can dream). The […]

In-house Marketing vs Agency Marketing

When brands are looking to supercharge their marketing, many deliberate the option of who to hire for the job. Hiring in-house vs finding marketing agencies has long been a debate which continues to rage on. Each option offers their own unique and notable differences in comparison. So what is In-Housing Marketing? In-housing marketing means bringing […]

Award-Winning Agency

Boost your chances of an Award Winning Entry with our Prized Team

Winning an award is a great way to recognise and celebrate your team’s hard work. It’s also a great opportunity to demonstrate talents, improve credibility, raise brand awareness and to help attract great new talent. All ensuring you stand out from the competition. So whether they are sector specific accolades or more generic business awards, […]

Promoting the Paralympics

As the long-awaited Tokyo 2020 Paralympics finally made it off the starting blocks, here at team Rocket we’re backing Team GB all the way. After a yearlong delay and the challenges everyone’s faced over the past year, team spirit has never been more important. We look at some of the best medal worthy marketing campaigns […]

pride month campaigns

Proud about Pride: We Explore Creative Campaigns

This summer, worldwide celebrations took place throughout June celebrating Pride Month. Although COVID-19 has put many events on hold, campaigns online have been an essential voice and point of recognition in acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community. Here at Rocket, we look back at the top creative campaigns celebrating Pride month. Whether it’s eye-catching packaging, enlisting […]