4Rebrand Brand Identity

Channel 4’s New Brand Identity – A Campaign Favourite

When it comes to breaking boundaries, Channel 4 is often at the forefront of televisual change. The network’s most recent brand identity update is no different and puts them as a trailblazer of design. The whole refresh intends to unite the network’s sub-channel and achieve a consistent and cohesive brand identity. With multiple channels available, […]


Where is B2B marketing heading?

B2B Marketing – Digital? Social? Snackable content? Omni-channel? First of all, is it being transformed by new mediums and channels with fantastic buzzwords for names? Almost all marketers are lost in a world of fanciful words and theories. A life where ‘cultivating disruption’ and being ‘emotionally rooted’ within a ‘social landscape’ are words that slip […]

Micro-interactions – Small by nature, big on impact

Micro-interactions are everywhere online and though you may not be aware of them, you’re engaging in micro-interactions all the time. To the average social media user, an example of a microinteraction is double tapping a picture on Instagram and the white heart popping up. Usually we take this subtle type of engagement as a given, […]

Brands are Jumping on the #GBBO Biscuit Bandwagon

The Great British Bake Off has returned to our TV screens and it’s more popular and more addictive than ever. If a hashtag could sell like hot cakes, it would be the hashtag #GBBO. This Tuesday, we saw biscuit bedlam with foodie followers sharing and engaging with their favourite brands. With cake confections and Danish […]


Bumble and HBO Cause a Buzz – A Campaign Favourite

American network Home Box Office (HBO) has teamed up with dating app Bumble for their latest campaign and we’re buzzing at the idea! With the aim of showing off their range of movies, HBO invited Bumble users to a luxury million dollar apartment in New York for the ultimate stay at home movie experience. Daters […]