Challenging Industries

Marketing for Challenging Industries: How Rocket Enjoys a Challenge

At Rocket, we encourage a challenge. For example, sometimes it’s launching a start-up in its early beginnings. Occasionally it’s locating the correct customer in an overcrowded audience. Often it’s simply allowing our clients to thrive no matter how challenging their industry. As a proud full-service agency, Rocket has enjoyed and continues to fulfil a unique […]

Coronavirus Explainer Animation for MND Association

At the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic, the MND Association reached out to Rocket for help producing an urgent explainer animation video to support this seriously at-risk group during this critical phase. The team at MND knew from past experience that they could rely on our support. This extended from bringing the script to life, […]

Here's Why Podcast should be Part of Your PR Strategy

Listen Up, Here’s Why Podcasts Should be Part of Your Outreach Strategy

The number of podcast listeners has seen an exponential rise in recent years. So much so, Ofcom reported that 7.1 million UK listeners were engaging with podcasts on a weekly basis in 2019. Not to mention this figure continues to grow as more genres are emerging whether it’s a new self-help serial, a laugh-out-loud comedy […]

Following the Digital Footprints

Following the Digital Footprint – Understanding Your Target Audience

Great marketing isn’t just about the quality of the content you’re offering. If you want to have considerable success, it’s about visualising your target audience and understanding what makes them tick. Appealing to your most engaged audience certainly isn’t anything new. It’s a type of thorough thinking that continually applies to all strands of marketing […]