pride month campaigns

Proud about Pride: We Explore Creative Campaigns

This summer, worldwide celebrations took place throughout June celebrating Pride Month. Although COVID-19 has put many events on hold, campaigns online have been an essential voice and point of recognition in acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community. Here at Rocket, we look back at the top creative campaigns celebrating Pride month. Whether it’s eye-catching packaging, enlisting […]

Small Business Marketing 2021

The Power of Marketing for Small Business in 2021

With 2020 behind us, and the promise of a greater year all round – small business marketing is not to be underestimated. Though small businesses are not out of the woods in this ever-changing time just yet, we can finally see the forest for the trees. A world in which shoppers can experience the personal […]

Make the Most of your Facebook Adertising

Nothing Left to Chance with our Guide to Effective Facebook Advertising

As a result of the recent switch to remote culture, brands are continuing to adjust their marketing strategies. The physical experience has become virtual with online traffic now outweighing customer footfall. As a digital agency, we’ve seen a subsequent boost in social media advertising with Facebook rising as the strongest contender. It makes sense too. […]

Challenging Industries

Marketing for Challenging Industries: How Rocket Enjoys a Challenge

At Rocket, we encourage a challenge. For example, sometimes it’s launching a start-up in its early beginnings. Occasionally it’s locating the correct customer in an overcrowded audience. Often it’s simply allowing our clients to thrive no matter how challenging their industry. As a proud full-service agency, Rocket has enjoyed and continues to fulfil a unique […]