Disruptive Content That Boosted Brands

Brands have always given it their all to grab the attention of their audiences. Well thought out marketing strategies and innovative ideas have always provided a successful structure. However, times are changing and so are consumers. It’s no longer about how brands see themselves but how consumers feel about the brand and what they want […]

Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

Digital Marketing Apprenticeship – How I Landed one

Coming to a point in life where it was time to get more serious about a career was stressful. After endless apprenticeship applications and thoughts about returning to school, I encountered an opportunity of a lifetime. About a month ago I received the best news possible, after months of applying for apprenticeships I’d finally secured […]

Burger King Marketing

How Burger King fooled famous Youtube influencers

Burger King has managed to fool major youtube influencers without them even realising! When it comes to digital marketing, it’s always difficult coming up with new ways to promote your brand and do things your competitors aren’t already doing.  However, an employee at the Burger King marketing team came up with a genius idea that […]

2019 Marketing Trends

What To Expect from Digital Marketing in 2019

With a new year comes opportunity. For businesses in particular, 2019 marks a chance to re-evaluate social strategy, refuel brand identity, and to even adapt alongside the ever-changing digital sphere. As a marketing agency with expertise in both the Social and Digital arena, we’re constantly keeping tabs on the latest in curated content and Instagram […]

Northampton's Shoemaking History

Foster and Son: A shoe-in for a historic business in Northamptonshire

It’s great seeing a local business sprout up, especially one in the shoemaking industry with firm roots in Northampton. Rocket itself is based in a building that used to be an old shoe and boot factory. Foster and Son, which has been making shoes since 1840, opened a new production site recently at Northampton’s St […]