Bringing the Govilon brand back to life

Govilon has been a longstanding learning and activity centre with a small but established client base, a client base which was not expanded and had developed some big gaps in bookings. 

Govilon has a unique offering to the market place and unfortunately this was not being voiced to prospective schools, groups and businesses in the most effective ways.

Other centres were providing a very commercial offering in the market place, with well branded marketing materials, unique packages and a overall realisation of what they could expect when they arrived.

The website was not echoing the energy being provided by the staff and instructors at Govilon. The site lacked the content to provide group leaders and parents alike with the information they require to really get them bought into Govilon and the special offering it has as an activity centre.

With that in mind Rocket were tasked with bringing the overall Govilon brand back to life, providing the centre with the right tools to go to market and reach a new audience of potential new customers.