The Rugby Co. Branding and Creative Design


When Rocket was approached to help with the branding for a new rugby inspired boutique we picked up the ball and ran with it. We were tasked with creating a fully branded style for the recently launched CV22 products and packaging. This was needed for the launch of the new shop situated in Rugby, where the game was created, which specialises in selling rugby inspired apparel and accessories. It was game on and we did more than just try when it came to this unique, sport inspired brief. We wanted to ensure our client topped the league leader board when it came to showcasing their premiership products and appeal to fashion fans – it was a case of Rocket ruck n roll all the way to the creative goal posts.



Taking inspiration from rugby football, paying homage to the heritage and home of the great game while portraying affluent and aspirational apparel, was the game plan and team tactics behind our designs. They needed to portray the strong values of the sport while producing a look and tone that was reflected in the brand. It was all about great teamwork when it came to converting the creative into unique branding.

Rocket produced a fully branded style that could be used across all products, platforms and in store collateral.  Designs as distinctive and distinguished as the brand’s stylish products were rolled out across the entire branding including stationery, clothing, POS, packaging and online.


Rocket’s creativity was an integral part of the overall look and feel achieved for the successful launch of the branded boutique/retail outlet situated in Rugby, literally a stone’s throw from the pitch where the game was first played. Rocket proved pitch perfect for this sports inspired lifestyle brand brief.