For events with bags of creative thinking and bigger crowds.

From B2B to B2C events, to RAMS and PLI, get-ins to get-outs, event staff to VIPs, AV to VR, we create, plan and deliver events that make your life easier and have fantastic stand out. 

We achieve this via our multi-talented and creative, event management team who are experienced professionals and dedicated to delivering BIG ROI’s.

Always thinking outside of the box, we ensure your event stands out in the crowd, providing you with maximum return on investment, smashing your objectives and leaving your guests wanting to attend again and again. 

Our events are effective by design. 

More WOW. Rocket.

It’s great to have a strong message, a captivating piece of copy, or a fantastic offer that customers just want to make use of, but if you don’t have the platform or method to communicate it – does it have enough punch or impact?

This is where video comes into play. This includes precise and effective animation, bold and enticing audio, high definition cinematography as well as clear and powerful communication.

Why should you consider investing in video? It’s engaging, it’s sociable, even shareable, constantly viral. What better way to introduce yourself, your business and everything you want and need to say in a way that’s entertaining, informative and unique.

Simply tell us your objectives, and we will be more than happy to exceed your expectations whilst maximising your ROI. We use our wizardry to engage and resonate with your target audience. We want to take your idea and give it the life it deserves.

Rocket produce video that is virile. Moving pictures that recount a story and have viewers on the edge of the seats, ready to act. Creatively bringing content to life, giving it a messiah like influence on the masses. We reflect your brand and make it shine. Video makes a real difference, trust us more will follow.

Take a seat, grab your popcorn, meet Rocket.


Well more like reasons you should choose Rocket to deliver your next experiential event, exhibition, corporate dinner, student night… your missed Valentines dinner make up date.

Our off the scale creative thinking.
Our mighty in-house team ready to promote the sh*t out of your event.
Our detective like attention to detail.
Our  transformer like adaptability.
Our Casanova scale passion for delivering perfect events.
Our supercharged levels of performance.

Eventually they all want one. Rocket

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