Joe Account Manager

After finishing my English degree at Bournemouth University, I joined Rocket and have since become an Account Manager. I’ve dabbled in several fields such as Publishing, Journalism, Social Media and PR. Rocket just happens to combine all these areas into one. I love sinking my teeth into any copywriting and content creation, and bring this to my work at Rocket.

Key Words
Can I use a pun?
Time Wasting
Mostly eating and thinking about food, drinking tea, catching up with friends as well as enjoying popular culture in all its forms (Music, TV, Films, Reading, Gaming).
Claim to Fame
My previous work in editorial has seen me interview music acts such as The Veronicas, American Authors and Camila Cabello from Fifth Harmony. I’ve also met Kelly Clarkson (who is my absolute fave!!).
Snakes – Urghhh vile creatures. They can still wriggle when they’re dead too – WHY?!


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