Neil I am Founder

I started life on the spanners working in an engineering shop in Bolton, toying with large Meccano industrial gearboxes. After an epiphany I sought out the bright lights of a marketing agency in London. I worked with some great people (including the some truly great clients) on some fantastic campaigns for Sony, Wickes, Argos, Woolworths (RIP), T-Moblie and a host of extraordinary smaller businesses.

Key Words
Kylie. Sorry that's only one, but what a great one.
Time Wasting
Watching the mighty Saints, ruining a good walk with my golf game, spoiling my daughter and occasionally having a Warner Edwards G&T.
Claim to Fame
Age 5 pictured on a battle ship that then featured on the front cover of a national Thai Newspaper. I tasted the my fist Wispa in 1980.
Snakes. Simple. Why would anybody in their right mind create a snake? Snakes on Planes, however good Samuel LJ is, thats all wrong too.


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