TIFFANY Social Media Coordinator & Office Admin

As a social media enthusiast and with a background in art, fashion and design, I thrive on creating unique and impactful content for our clients. Working my creative magic to really push brands creative content, helping them to stand out in the social media crowd. My passion for creating content doesn’t stop at the Rocket Ship! I also love creating innovative imagery and video content for my social media and YouTube channel.

Key Words
I need more coffee, Thaankksss! , I remember the time when I...., Oishii!
Time Wasting
Constantly Switching between Apps on my phone, Playing Animal Crossing whilst eating chocolate and chilling out with my dog.
Claim to Fame
I have worked with one of my favourite companies to create a video for my YouTube channel. I have also tested out my acting and dancing skills in two music videos (just don’t search for it!).
Heights and Fire! (Never combine the two)


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